About Us

Dragon Noodle’s soul lies in its passion to serve authentic Chinese & Thai cuisines keeping alive its aroma and delectable flavor garnished with exceptional service.

Started few years ago by a team of enthusiastic people with the taste for quality Chinese & Thai delicacies, the brand has now evolved to be an addictive one. While you savor the food ordered from us, we ensure that all raw materials are freshly procured and cooked instantly on request to ensure that it is served hot and delicious.

A plethora of menu items are available to select from ranging from Sea Food to Poultry and farm fresh vegetables. Along with tantalizing your taste buds, we also go easy on your pockets with our reasonable pricing strategy.

Sensitive towards the different palates of our guests, we are also known for customizing our food according to your preferences. A good day here ends seeing satisfied and delighted customers relishing their choicest delicacies.

So order from us to experience the contentment rare to taste….